A Multi-Application Data Platform for the AI-driven enterprise.

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Machine-augmented strategy design and risk management.

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Quantitive modeling using real-time automated machine learning. 

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An evidence-based approach to loyalty and segmentation algorithms.

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Deeper data analytics, advanced algorithms, and an avatar for mental health.

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Machine-augmented Decision-making

An enterprise-grade data platform with automated machine learning and real-time predictive analytics.

The ability to utilize real-time actionable insights from big data has become critical for the modern, agile enterprise. Our technology allows companies to harness massive amounts of complex and noisy data, derive actionable insights, and get measurable results.

Essentially, our goal is to empower you to get the answers you’re looking for, faster, more reliably, and with fewer resources.

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Quantum Cloud

A web-based, multi-application Data Platform tuned for real-time performance, and the predictive engine that drives our Machine Learning and Analytics solutions.

Automated Machine Learning

Dramatically reduce cost and timeline of model deployment without the explicit prerequisite of a data science background.

Real-time Predictive Analytics

Aggregate massive amounts of data from disparate sources to create a unified, clear and actionable path forward.

The AI Data Platform

Accelerate the growth of your organization, cut costs, and achieve things you would have never thought possible with big data.

Automated Machine Learning

Our AutoML platform provides a streamlined workflow so that data science takes days, not weeks. From data ingestion, through to modeling, visualization, charting and reporting, let our platform do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Time-series Integration for Realtime Operation

  • Data synchronization and  transformation using FPGAs
  • Ultra-fast database architecture for structure/unstructured data powered by Cassandra


The Quantum Advantage

  • Quantum computing for solving new optimization problems

  • Quantum annealing and sampling for faster, more accurate solutions

  • Quantum probabilistic models to simulate probabilistic coherence and enhance realtime Bayesian models


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