Build your own models

Use Quantum ML to predict financial instruments like stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

  • Rapidly deploy your own predictive machine learning models.
  • No data science or coding expertise required.

16,000+ data sources

Quantum ML leverages Big Data, and comes integrated with thousands of data sources:

  • Equities & Bonds

  • Commodities

  • News

  • Technical Analysis

  • Futures

  • Macroeconomics

  • Fundamentals

  • Weather


Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning streamlines and accelerates model building. Quantum ML utilizes all the standard open source ML models (with some custom ones of our own) and allows users to easily fine-tune model parameters.

  • Gradient Boosted Regression

  • XGB

  • CAT Boost

  • etc.


Integrated Charting

Our custom machine learning indicators are integrated with conventional charting visualizations and packaged alongside standard technical indicators.

  • Oscillators

  • Index Indicators

  • Moving Averages

  • Regression

Built for Active Investors


Whether you’re a trader or managing your investment portfolio.

  • Time your entries and exits

  • Manage risk

  • Improve overall returns


Advise your customers and clients on the best course of action.

  • Balance your risk/reward

  • Identify high performing assets

  • Optimize your portfolio




  • Predict any stock or commodity, bond, future, currency symbol.
  • Comes pre-loaded with 16,000+ data sources.
  • Build 100 predictive models per month with up to 1000 predictors.
  • 100 models will be kept up to date daily with new data.

Join a community of Traders and Investors

Our community is constantly growing. Join our forums and training programs to learn how to trade using machine learning. 


Constantly iterate and improve your models

Markets are always changing and there are millions of strategies.

Deploy multiple models to keep up with new trends and test multiple strategies.