Meet the team


William F. Dennis

Chairman of the Board

Rajiv Chandrasekaran, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, QDT

Valentina I. Chichiniova, M.A.

Executive Director, QMH

Candice White

Chief Operating Officer

Alessandro Savino, MSc, CDA

Chief Technology Officer

Sean Bockhold

Director of Marketing

Development Team

Sanjay Gopinath

Lead Data Scientist

Shaun Fallahi, MSc, MCSD

Software Architect, UI/UX

Dr. Apala Guha, PhD ML

Software Architect, ML

Bernard Lin, M.A. Big Data

Software Architect, ML

Identity Confidential

Algorithm Engineering

Identity Confidential, PhD

Quantum Physicist

Identity Confidential

Frontend Developer

Identity Confidential

FPGA Engineer

Psychology Team

Dr. José F Domene

Registered Psychologist and Professor of Counselling Psychology in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Blythe Shepard, Ph.D.

Professor Counselling Psychology, University of Lethbridge

Naoise Kelly

CEO, International Association for Counselling


Ray Tierney

Ex-CEO, Bloomberg Tradebook

Shubham Mehrish

Director of Digital Technologies and Analytics at MARS